Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet Bandit....Cape Town's very own Pick- up Artist

Hey there...

We have probably met before, if you're a guy Iv probably listened to your boring rendition of the way in which you have met your current girlfriend as you proceeded to point her out in the club. I might have looked intrigued however truth be told I approached your group of friends  because you were the only guy amongst a group of three stunning ladies. I entertain your conversation for two more minutes as I proceed to make eye contact with your girlfriends best friend. 

I probably then leaned over to whisper in her ear that I adore her outfit, I would then go on to tell her that although it did look trendy, I couldn't figure out why her shoe's didn't match with any other item of clothing. With that being said, she would've seen a devilish grin on my face.I would then hint that I now see what her shoes match...Just before she asks me what it matched my attention would've been drawn to the Motherhen of the group as I would comment on how they failed to inform their friend on the appropriate ways to dress in a club such as.........(Yeah, I wont be telling you where I party just yet)....... I would have probably suggested that I couldn't stay long, and that the drinks special will be coming to a close. By that time dude, you would have left me alone with your girlfriends friends after I had informed you that you can get two free drinks at a particular bar lady if you mention my name... 

Role playing would then ensue as I would relate each girl to a character in Gossip Girl..laughing and giggling would follow as they would prove to me why they are or aren't certain characters. I would then turn to the girl friends best friend as say..."Noways you could be a Serena, because Serena would have her shoes match some other item of clothing or accessory"..She would have frowned and then I would grab her hand as I inform the rest of her friends about how I need to steal her for a quick moment to give her some fashion tips. She follows me through the crowed as I hold her hand behind me as I then smile and greet every other gorgeous girl that passes me by. I would inform her that the reason I had to pull her aside was that I needed to test an ancient Tibetan myth which stated that most women would match their shoes with their underwear. By this time she has already shown an array of indicators of interest, to which I would exacerbate by saying that she seems like a 4....a 4 out of 10 on the scale of kissing...puppy dog eyes and head tilts would be initiated as she moves in for the kiss. 

By this time good old me would stop and say "hey, im not going to kiss you, we've just met and you're cool and everything however we should totally be friends"..She would then turn back with utter shock as I would then spin her around and whisper how her uncoordinated fashion sense has changed my mind. Make-out session would follow and then BB pins would be exchanged and the Bandit would then go return to the group whilst introducing her friends to other groups of girls who he had previously approached. 

The club becomes that much smaller as almost every little clique of friends are being introduced to one another and every desirable women would leave wondering who that man was who just seemed to know everyone. If you are one of those ladies, through these words we meet again.

Although from the outset every word would seem to be very random and spontaneous however that would never be the case. I have become a machine, calculating and analysing every word to ensure that tension and attraction can be enhanced through my cocky humour and confidence. Both men and women have been misled by those who say things such as

* "Dont worry, the right girl/guy will come around one day"
* " There was nothing you could do, I guess everything happens for a reason"
* " I like you, but only as a friend"
* " All girls/guys are the same"
* " Girls who approach guys are sluts"
* " Guys who approach girls are players"
* " Noways a girl/guy like that would want to be with you"
* "You either have it or you dont"
* "Guys only like tall slim slutty girls"
*"Girls only go for badboys"
* " Nice guys never get anywhere"

This is not just about seducing people in clubs, these are life skills.The world of social dynamics and interactions is a science and a art. Social freedom awaits any man or women who devotes time to understand that you can be with absolutely ANYONE you desire. As with any field of study, there is a formula which has been created and recorded for all to use. This formula has been tried and tested thousands of times. You see it everyday and everybody posseses the potential to unlock it within themselves. 

Some of the Skills which will be explored:
* Body language
* The Approach, effective one liners or openers that work on real women in and around Cape Town
* Approaching women in groups
* Building interest
* Cocky funny routines and methods on building Attraction

So join me on my journey as I will be navigating through theCape Towns club scene. Detailed accounts of each interaction will be recorded and I will also be addressing and presenting the various techniques which you too will be able to apply.

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